The Highest Rated Juicers I’ve Owned

Tips from juicer fanatic!

Being a juicer fanatic, I have used many different juicers from different companies and some of them do stand out in their own class. Following is a list of the highest rated juicers I’ve owned so far in the main 3 categories of juicers, that is, centrifugal, masticating and twin gear. Most of the informations that i find useful is from Euro Juices: Best Juicer 2017 – Top Reviews.

  1. Breville 800JEXL

Breville 800JEXL

For the centrifugal type juicers, this model by Breville easily made it to my list of the highest rated juicers. With a power consumption of 1000watt, it comes with 2-speed control options: 13,000RPM for high and 6,500 RPM for the low setting.

Some of its special features to attract customers were its easy cleaning as it consists of only 4 removable parts which are dishwasher safe also, 3-inch wide feeder chute so you won’t have to spend time chopping the fruits or vegetables before feeding them to juicer and titanium made blades producing more juice than other regular blades.

All these features come at an exciting price of around $300 making it a must buy for people looking for a good quality centrifugal juicer.

  1. Omega NC800

Omega NC800

If you are looking for very high-quality juice extractor which can even juice out wheatgrass with high efficiency, then the masticating type Omega NC800 is the one you would fall for. It is a horizontal juicer with slow turning motor at 80 RPMs which produces the best quality juice extracts from your fruits and vegetables.

Due to its low rotation speed, it prevents any heat buildup and oxidation of juice which greatly enhances the quality of juice by retaining the vitamins and enzymes in the juice and increases the shelf life of juice up to 72 hours.

Due to its size, it might occupy a little bit more space but its features make up for that too, as this juicer is much more than meets the eye. Omega NC800 can be used as a grinder and can be used to make baby food, crushing coffee beans etc, hence, it can replace many of your kitchen appliances in the kitchen too.

All of these features come with a price tag of about $330 but its features and huge warranty of 15 years can easily make your investment worth it.

  1. Super Angel 5500

Super Angel 5500

This twin gear juicer is the must one in the list of the highest rated juicers I’ve owned till now. The twin gear technology although is priced quite high but it delivers the performance worth your investment. If you are really serious about juicing then this model is the one you should definitely consider if you have a good budget. The extraction of juice is done in slow speed at 86 RPMs rotating at 3 horsepower in 2 stages, so you get the most out your feed both in terms of quantity and quality. Although this juicer is a bit heavy and costly, but it also offers strong performance making it worth every penny you invest in it

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