Quick & Easy Garlic Shrimp

Before you run off making your favorite dishes, you really should get accustomed with knife sets and the different type of cookware on the market. Once you know the basics, you’ll be even be able to make my fav dish below.

Trust me, It isn’t tricky at all.

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by Food Wishes

My Love For Knives, Cookware and Cooking

77eb3a4a-c8d6-11e5-ac92-0ec3b80ccb89--2016-0115_zwilling_miyabi-birchwood-knife-collection_mid_bobbi-lin_16304I have a strong passion for cooking. Believe me when I say, I have never been a good cook. My mother taught me everything she knew about the art. I learnt everything from how to pick a kitchen knife set to how to fry the perfect egg. Not only did she teach me the skills of the craft, she taught me that patience was a virtue and you must have to become a true home chef.

My Mom The Splendid Chef

She taught me how to bake banana bread from scratch . By the time I was 12, I could chop and slice like any expert. To prepare any almost any recipe all you need is a good quality chef knives set. I read a lot of user experience before getting one for my cooking task.

The Importance Of A Good Knife Set

With a good set of knives, a chef has no limitations. Very few at least. For me, it is like if you were to set brushes and paint in front on an artist. I consider myself an artist. Just of a different sort. However, each time I have a knife in my hand, my plate is my canvas.

How My Culinary Journey Began

My mom bought me my first set of kitchen knives and cookware. I still use them. I think they are both not going anywhere anytime soon. The best part of my chef knife set is how sharp it is. Dull blade are difficult to cut with. There is such beauty in the wood grain handle. I adore my knives, and there a few models that I have in mind for my next purchase, just to add more of my knife collection!

Baking Takes Some Skill, But It IS WORTH IT

I think I enjoy baking the most. There is so much anticipation in waiting for the final result. I have to admit I have even cried over a cake that has dropped. A sunken in cake makes you feel so defeated. Especially, when you think you are so good at such a craft. The exciting part is when people ask me to bake birthday cakes for their children. How much more exciting can it be to form something like a car. Just by cutting cake and forming it together until out comes a shape.