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Monogrammed Pillowcase
Monogrammed Pillowcase-Butterfly

Appliqued Pillowcase-Anna Grace

We've got the cutest personalized pillowcases ever! Our pillowcase is embellished with hand cut appliqued letters in the most precious fabrics, with your choice of name, and trimmed with the cutest coordinating ric-rac. These are great for sleep-overs, camp, every day use or special room decor. No matter how you use it, it's the prettiest personalized pillowcase we've ever seen! These also make great gifts fow moms and grandmothers when personalized with Mommy, Nana, Gigi or Grandma.

Pillowcase is standard size with a 350-500 thread count and can accommodate a maximum of NINE letters.

Appliqued Name Pillowcase usually ships within two weeks.

Please click "VIEW LARGER IMAGE" to see a larger picture of the fabric & trim.

Miss Priss Style!